Sem Igual

Sem Igual Sem Igual Sem Igual

João Camizão and Leila Rocha created this project with the first vintage in 2012, with a mix of old and new vines belonging to Camizão’s family.

The aim is to produce high-quality dry Vinho Verde, which is “without equal” as their name translates. To that end, the Vinho Verde wines are always dry and not fizzy – making a clear point of difference with most mass-produced Vinho Verde.

The focus at this estate is on two grape varieties: Arinto and Azal. However, in 2016 João additionally planted a hectare of red varieties including Touriga Nacional and Baga. These make, among other things, a really sensational Pet Nat which is crisp, nutty, and complex – more like a traditional method sparkler than a typical Pet Nat, in my opinion.

The wines from Sem Igual show generous fruit character, and always feel clean, refreshing and true to their region’s origins. Their “Ramadas”, produced from a 70-year-old pergola-trained vineyard, is particularly recommended for its complexity and more full-bodied texture.

Recently they converted some of the buildings on their property to rooms so as to allow visitors to come to spend some time among the vines.




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