SImon J Woolf and Ryan Opaz, Porto, 2020. Photo (C) Ryan Opaz.Simon J. Woolf (right) is a British writer currently residing in Amsterdam. His first book Amber Revolution: How the World Learned to Love Orange Wine was published in 2018 and received considerable critical acclaim in publications including the New York Times and  He is the editor and founder of The Morning Claret, an online wine magazine specialising in artisanal, natural, organic and biodynamic wines and related issues. He contributes to many online and print publications including Decanter, Noble Rot, Meininger’s Wine Business International and Pix.Wine.

Ryan Opaz is an American, based in Porto, Portugal, who has been writing about and photographing the wines of Portugal and Spain for the past 15 years. Founder of the award winning wine blog and CEO of Catavino Tours, today he spends his days guiding travellers to the hidden culinary and vinous treasures of Portugal. Ryan was the photographer for Amber Revolution, and for Porto: Stories from Portugal’s Historic Bolhão Market, a book which celebrates the culinary history of Northern Portugal in words and pictures.

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